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Strobe by saber4734
Real Name: Clara Lovelace

Aliases: Strobe

Relatives: Unrevealed

Group Affiliation: The Rejex

Base Of Operations: Brooklyn Heights, New York City

Alignment: Neutral

Identity: Public Identity

Citizenship: American

Marital Status: Single

Occupation: Thief, Adventurer

Education: None

Gender: Female

Race: Caucasian

Age: 32

Height: 5' 7"

Weight: 122lbs

Eyes: Unknown

Hair: Bleach blonde

Universe: Earth 2014

Place of Birth: Boston, Massachusetts

History: Clara was sent to an orphanage at age 4. Her past is unknown. Her powers manifested while being bullied at the orphanage. She generated a blinding light from her body that disoriented the bullies. Soon after learning of her powers Clara ran away. Living on the streets she used her powers to steal food and money to survive. More and more practice helped Clara learn to control her abilities so to avoid incidents like the orphanage. She is extremely intelligent for someone with no schooling. Eventually came upon other humans with powers and created a small team called The Rejex. 

Powers: Light projection through mental control. Strobe can generate blinding light at will. She can generate it from her hands or her entire body or directly in the path of an enemy. Using her enhanced mental capabilities she can control the strength of the light, making it vary in intensity. Her powers can cause disorientation and even blindness.

Weaknesses: She has to wear sunglasses because while she developed light projection powers her eyes developed an extreme sensitivity to light as well. 

Abilities: She is a great tactician and strategist, effectively evaluating situations and devising swift responses. Her villainous persona, she is best described as cold and calculating. She has displayed above average hand-to-hand combat skills.

Paraphernalia: Strobe wears an amulet around her neck. During her travels and life on the streets she encountered many things. And she came upon this magic amulet. It is also activated mentally. It can be used to teleport a single person or a small group of people. It can only be used for short distances. So she can't teleport from one state to another. But a quick teleport a block or two away is easily possible.

Created by: :iconrival-comics1: and myself
Artwork by: :iconjohnbecaro:
Bile by saber4734
Real Name: Mike Edwards

Aliases: Bile

Occupation: Thief, Terrorist, Murderer

Race: Caucasian

Known Relatives: Unrevealed

Group Affiliation: The Rejex

Education: High School Diploma

Age: 32

Height: 6' 2"

Weight: 230lbs

Eyes: Has a scar where his left eye would be. He had an incident with a knife. His right eye is red.

Hair: Bald

History: When he turned 18, Mike was kicked out of his house by his parents. Struggling to live on his own and with minimum wage not paying the bills, Mike took part in a new company's clinical trial on experimental cancer drugs.
Desperate for money, he ignored the dangers this represented and several hours after taking this new drug, passed out. Out of all the people who participated in this trial, he was the only one to become ill. 

As he woke up in a hospital bed, he learned that this drug had caused catastrophic side effects and irreversible changes to his body. His skin had turned a pale yellow and the iris of his eyes had turned red. He had gained weight and he had lost all of his hair. He immediately started complaining of stomach issues.

The nurse insisted he eat something, so he did. Shortly afterwards while she was checking his vitals, he became nauseous and before the nurse could react, he vomited all over her. She reacted as if someone has just thrown scalding hot water all over her.

Mike immediately called for help but by the time another nurse arrived the first nurse had died. Security was called but during the commotion, Mike slipped out of the hospital.

Now a wanted man, he went underground. Numerous run-ins with the law and street gangs resulted in the scar on his left eye. He took the name Bile, a Bio hazard tattoo on the back of his head oddly complementing his choice.

To this day, it is unknown whether it was the drug itself that caused these side effects to his physiology, a combination of the drug or something in Mike's body.

Powers: Acid secretion. Bile's stomach holds 50 times the amount of acid  an average human has (roughly 5 litres). He has learned to control it and can release large globs, small globs and even propel them forward and moderately fast speeds. These globs of acid are extremely volatile, able to melt doors, cause bodily injury and if a victim is over exposed death can occur.

Enhanced vitals: His body became resistant to his own acid secretions and thus became resistant to most form of physical harm. Such as blunt force attacks. It is not quite known exactly how strong Bile is, but witnesses say they have seen him lift a human being.

Weaknesses: He cannot open his left eye due to the injury he received, so he has a sight disadvantage. 

After using all the acid in his stomach it takes time to rebuild unless he eats something immediately. So if he is in a fight and expends all of his acid he may be out of the fight for a while so must rely on hand to hand combat. 

Limitations: Although he has a high amount of acid within his stomach, his stomach itself can only maintain so much acid for a certain amount of time. So he has to release it periodically. Unfortunate for some that usually ends up being on someone. 

Appearance: Bile has a sickly yellow/green skin, a red and yellow eye and a bio hazard tattoo on the back of his head.

Abilities: Minimal hand to hand combat

Paraphernalia: None

Designer/Creator/Writer: Me :iconsaber4734:
Pencilist: Marc :iconmarcferreira:
Inker: Jason :icongatorgraffix:
Colorist: Mauro :iconrancez:
I realized my last journal entry was back in 2012. So just letting you guys know I do still check my DA page.
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Well you know what i'm bored. I'll try to create some profiles.
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They have been submitted but not approved as of yet. But Thorn and Siberius should be up soon. I also made changes to Strobe's history to correspond to Thorn's. That hasn't been changed yet either though.
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